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CV Washers, Pack of 4

CV Washers, Pack of 4

SKU: HI-0005

These extra thick washers are an inexpensive and simple solution to lengthen the life of your wheel bearings. On 2017 and older models, the Polaris factory washers are too thin and distort when you tighten the CV nut. This distortion prevents the CV nut from staying torqued to factory specs which then allows your wheel and hub to wobble, eventually causing premature bearing failure.

  • Technical Specifications

    Alloy Steel, Zinc Yellow Dichromate Finish, Rockwell C43-C49 MADE IN USA


    These washers will fit any CV with a splined shaft of ¾” diameter or smaller on 2017 and PRIOR RZR’s and Generals.


    If you have a 2018 or newer RZR, please check your CV washer size before ordering as Polaris started using an upgraded thicker washer on the 2018 model year.


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