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Dana 60 Ball Joint Eliminators

Dana 60 Ball Joint Eliminators

SKU: BJE-9104

New for 2024! Our Dana 60 Ball Joint Eliminators are precisely engineered for off road enthusiasts who demand exceptional performance and durability. Crafted with a massive Heat Treated 1.250" shoulder bolt, this product is designed to withstand the toughest off road conditions. The Bronze bushing features a double helix grease groove, not found on competitor offerings which ensures prolonged trouble-free operation. With these Eliminators installed on your rig, you can say goodbye to worrying about ball joint failure. Take your off road experience to the next level with our top-of-the-line Dana 60 Ball Joint Eliminators.


Sold individualy. 


Made in the U.S.A. in our state of the art facility.


No camber or caster adjustment (set at 0 degrees same as older Kingpin style axles)


Requires a 5/8" hex allen socket for installation.


Requires welding to the Knuckle.


Fits the following axles.

  • 1992 - 1997 Ford F-350 with the Dana 60 front axle
  • 1999 - 2004 Ford Super Duty F-350 with the Dana 60 front axle
  • 1999 - 2004 Ford Super Duty F-250 and Excursion with the Dana 50 front axle
  • 1994 - 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 with the Dana 60 front axle (ball joint studs face UP!!!)
  • Spicer UD 60
  • Installation Instructions

    Ball Joint Eliminators


    Congratulations on the purchase of the Havoc Industries Ball Joint Eliminators. This product is designed to increase the strength of ball joint style axles in offroad applications. Basic fabrication and welding skills are required for installation of this product.



    • Be sure to properly secure the vehicle to prevent movement.
    • If using the existing knuckles, remove them from the vehicle.
    • The knuckles MUST have all rust and other contaminants removed. Flap discs and wire wheels work well for this.
    • Heat the knuckle to 400°F and hold at that temperature for at least 10 minutes. If using a torch, be sure to heat the entire area. Do not focus on just one spot.
    • With the knuckle hot, insert the threaded steel bung from the top side of the knuckle and make sure it is fully seated. A ball joint press is a great tool for this.
    • First, weld the top perimeter of the bung to the knuckle. Then, weld the bottom perimeter of the bung to the knuckle. Stainless weld rod or wire is preferred.
    • Keep the knuckle heated to 400°F for at least 5 minutes. You may have to introduce more heat with a torch.
    • Wrap the knuckle in a heat resistant covering to slow the cooling process down. This will help prevent cracking.
    • Prep and paint the knuckle as desired.
    • Install the lower ball joint in the knuckle per the factory manual.
    • Install the knuckle on the inner axle C and tighten the lower ball joint to 150 ft*lb.
    • Install the bronze bushing into the inner C and align the flat on the bushing with the flat on the inner C.
    • Make sure the welded steel bung is PERFECTLY clean on the inside or the shoulder bolt will gall and seize. Before installing the shoulder bolt, be sure that no weld splatter, dust, dirt, debris, etc. is present inside the welded steel bung.
    • Lubricate the shoulder bolt with grease. DO NOT get grease on the threads. Apply a high-strength thread-locking compound to the threads (we like Loctite 263) and install it.
    • Install and torque the top shoulder bolt to 200 ft*lb.
    • Using the grease fitting on the bronze bushing, grease the assembly. We like to use marine grade grease.


    For Off-Road Use Only. All Ball Joint eliminators are sold for off-road use only. All performance modifications and installations are at the customer’s own risk. HAVOC Industries holds no responsibility, either implied or otherwise, for mechanical, electrical or any other failure when using any aftermarket performance product. Items sold for off-road use only are illegal for use on public roads in many states and provinces. By purchasing any aftermarket performance product, the customer takes full responsibility for any use, and/or misuse of the product and agrees that HAVOC Industries holds no responsibility for any consequences, legal, or other, of such use and/or misuse.

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